Damien Tommy Farthan (born 2000) is a Muggleborn wizard. He is about to start at Hogwarts and hopes to be in Gryffindor House.


Damien was born in Scotland in 2000 to Brandon and Valerie Farthan. He was born with an aristocratic black hairstyle, and his ashen pale features. His parents had always wanted a baby boy, and crooned over him and pampered him.

At the age of 2, his sister, Millie Luna Farthan, came into his life. From the beginning, she was funny,mischevious and loving. Damien enjoyed playing with her as she was a great game-maker and always found something fun to play.

At 4, sadly, his mother left the house . He cried and cried into the darkness, but she didn't come back. Ever since, that day has been a day of silence for him, a day he dare not speak, for fear that he would have nightmares about it if he did.

At 6, Damien began Muggle School. He made many friends, a few of which were destined to go to Hogwarts, too. He was a model student in every year. All his teachers said "It was a pleasure to teach such a bright student,he'll do well!"

When he was 8 years old, he looked out of the window for his mother, and there was a figure coming up to the door. He knew that face, those clothes! Her blonde hair flying in the wind, her almond-coloured eyes, her handbag... it was his mother! He cried tears of joy.

After he finished Primary School, a snowy owl came, and a letter dropped into Mr.Farthan's hand. He looked at the address, staring at it incredulously, and then he turned it over....

"Damien!" he called, and waited.

Damien came thundering down the hall. The only times his name got yelled like that was when something good had happened. New,electric energy surged through his veins."Yes,Dad?" he gasped.

"Letter for you!" he said, and Damien opened it,read it, and choked in disbelief. "I-I can't be!"

A adult walked in. "Oh yes you are! Hello! I'm Harry Potter. I went to Hogwarts too. I am going to be your guardian."

Harry has lived with the Farthans for a while,advising Damien. He will take Damien to Diagon Alley, get his supplies,take him home and depart.


Damien is a bubbly,clever,friendly young boy and likes to inspire others. People believe it a pleasure to meet him and he can't wait to get to Hogwarts.

He is sad to find that Millie will not go to Hogwarts, but respects the fact that she will not have the ability to do magic.


He has an aristocratic, jet-black hairstyle, and he is a bit like James Potter, in the sense that he is always messing it up. He has dense black eyes that resemble Severus Snape's, and has pale skin with pallid features.

He is rather skinny, but this doesn't really make any difference to him.