Dawn Lighteh

First Year Gryffindor
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Dawn is an 11 year old girl, an only child. She naturally has long silver-blonde hair but has dyed it pink. She was born in St. Mungo's because her mother, Alexis Lighteh, was insane. As soon as she was born she was taken away to avoid being throttled. So she never actually got to know her mother, so she grew very close to her father, Peter. Peter liked messing around with muggle contraptions and so she learnt a lot of Muggle songs; she liked Titanium the best of them all. She read some Muggle fairytales her father found, but she never really liked them, not seeing where the magic in them was. Her father had a roomful of "trains" as he called them, and Dawn liked to play with these as a little kid-they were the only toys her father supplied. They were made of painted wood and made an annoying squeaking sound as she pushed them along a plastic train track. One of them, her favourite, had been hand made for her; a violet engine with yellow stripes, and a little metal nameplate with her name on it. It didn't squeak like the others as she pushed it. "Maybe that's because it's a girl." she had joked. "Boys make weird noises like that." She had recieved a playful cuff over the ear for this.

Finally she went to Diagon Alley, having recieved her letter for Hogwarts. There she discovered the wonders of Butterbeer; here's a treat;

"It tasted like melted starshine." That was her own words, describing the taste of delicious Butterbeer.

Her wand chose her; Pine and Phoenix Feather, 11 and a half inches. Ollivanders was by far her faourite shop, the wands stacked high on the spindly chair before her wand chose her...she was probably Ollivander's most tricky customer ever. The pile was teetering, and it would have hit the candelabra had Ollivander not vanished it, and put them back on the right shelves.

She was a bit shocked by the fact that Ollivander, the famous wandmaker everyone talked about, was an old man.

'She got sorted into Gryffindor House. She was slightly crestfallen about this; her forefathers had all been Ravenclaws, and she wanted to impress her family. But she was soon cheered up when she met Alina Lupin, daughter of Prof.Lupin. Alina became one of her best friends.'
Vital Statistics
Gender Female
Age 11
Family Alexis Lighteh, Peter Lighteh

Status Alive
Eye Colour Green
Hair Colour Pink (currently
Height 5' 7"
Affiliation Hogwarts
Wand 11.5" Pine, Phoenix Tail Feather
'Patronus - Dog

Dawn is a very bright young girl, but is pretty shy. She has a certain prejudice against Slytherins because they are stereotypically mean and nasty and generally not nice to be around. She is very clever and likes to answer questions in class to prove that she is not a dunderhead. She is an animagus and she likes to be in her animal form when she believes appropriate..