Diana Lenway is the potions teacher at hogwarts. She is also the head of the Slytherin house


Diana Lenway was born on the 17th January to Cristella and Jonathan Lenway. Cristella is a pure blooded former ravenclaw and Jonathan is also a pure blood although he was in slytherin house. The marriage was arranged and Cristella in particular was not very happy with it. Her husband had none of the wit and intelligence of a ravenclaw and was content just to live off his fathers fortune. As a result of this Diana grew up mostly without her mother who constantly made excuses to get out of the house. Diana entertained herself by steadily reading through her families vast library. During this time, she was exposed to a lot of information on dark magic which she still knows today.

When Diana started hogwarts she was sorted into Slytherin house. While she was still a first year Diana's mother left home without a trace and never came back. By this time Diana had two younger siblings, Matthew who is 3 years younger than her and Georgina who is 5 years younger than her. Matthew was quickly sorted into ravenclaw although Georgina shocked everyone by joining Hufflepuff house. At hogwarts Diana found that her true skill was potions. She finished hogwarts as a prefect with good marks in nearly every subject. A couple of years after she finished school Diana applied for the potions teacher job and was successful. A few years later she was promoted to slytherin head of house.